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The ElCom Foundation and Fidonet in the Netherlands

Short info about this Dutch cost sharing organization for Fidonet echomail in R28 of Z2 of Fidonet

  • The ElCom foundation is a costsharing organisation for Fidonet® Region 28 (the netherlands) in zone 2 (Europe).

  • ElCom has it's own e-mail gate between Internet and Fidonet and this gives all sysops, points and users of bulletin boards participating in ElCom a reliable opportunity to sens and recieve personal e-mail without any extra costs.

  • Fidonet has a lot of information that you can find on the bulletin boards connected to Fidonet®.

  • Fidonet is low cost and has hundredths of interesting newsgroups called "echomail areas".

  • ElCom has tried to make echomail inexpensive for every Fidonet node, no matter where the node is located in R28.

  • If you want more info, log on at my bbs at +31-71-5613263 or +31-71-5615457 ISDN, where you can find many ASCII files about Fidonet® or take a peek at the next link

  • Link to a lot more (Dutch) information (what and how about ElCom and Fidonet®), Software archives so klick to enter


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